We combine the power of nature with science

We have been systematically exploring the healing potential of nature since 2006. We test the effects of natural substances and look for new ways to combine them so that we can develop extremely effective, but at the same time gentle solutions to a wide range of health problems.

Our products

Our journey

“Medicine still uses only a fraction of nature’s healing potential. We research new substances, tread unexplored trails and seek out further innovative, effective combinations of molecules. We only launch products that have been proven to bring a unique solution to a health issue.”
Petr Behenský, PhD.
Phyteneo’s founder, director, scientist
During more than 15 years of honest work, we have succeeded:
in helping to cure over
4 million
manufacture moire than
5 million
process roughly
500 tons of

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New look Phyteneo

We are changing the visual identity to better epitomize the essence of our approach - the combination of scientific knowledge and the forces of nature. What will never are the high standards we put on our products and the passion we put into developing the Phyteneo brand.