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Calendula cream

50 g, cream

Herbal cream for daily care of the overworked skin on your hands and body. It is especially suitable after working in the garden, in construction, in jobs where the work involves long-term use of non-breathable gloves, where the skin comes into contact with aggressive detergents and in other activities in which the skin is exposed to adverse mechanical and chemical influences, sunlight, etc..

  • moisturizing, emollient, nourishing
  • regenerative effects
  • it is quickly absorbed
  • forms a protective film on the skin
  • contains a high-quality marigold extract
  • does not contain synthetic dyes
  • preferentially uses natural active substances
  • the raw materials are tested for residues and pesticides




Marigold extract
4 %
Shea butter
3.5 %
Almond oil
1.5 %
1 %
0.6 %


acrylamide/ammonium acrylate, copolymer and polyisobutene and polysorbate 20, lecithin, grapefruit seed extract


A cream intended for daily use containing pot marigold extract. It has traditionally been used to heal wounds and keep the skin in a normal state. Almond oil andShea butter (oil from the plant Butyrospermum parkii) soften the skin and alleviate dry skin.

The composition is enriched with a slew of vegetable lipophilic oils and fats, which are readily absorbed and soften the skin. Plant emulsifierlecithin helps form a protective film. The additionof honey, vitamin E and panthenol helps nourish the skin and keep it hydrated

Dosage and method of use

Apply the usual amount of cream to clean and dry skin and massage in. We recommend using it repeatedly after each wash or application several times during the day, or before bedtime.

Storage and expiry date

Do not store above 25 °C.

Expires by:24 months

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