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35 g, powder
Food supplement

The product aids normal digestion and keeps the digestive tract and intestines in proper working order. The powder contains purified clay and raspberry extract giving it a high binding capacity. Herbal extract with astringent effects (astringent) that helps keep the digestive tract in proper working order. 

  • natural ingredients
  • suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • suitable for common digestive problems
  • pleasant strawberry flavour, popular with children




52 g
Magnesium trisilicate
20 g
Calcium carbonate
12 g
Blackberry extract
5 g


fructose, saccharin, naturally identical strawberry aroma


Gastrophyt contains kaolin  (natural purified clay), which has a high absorption capacity. A similar effect is also displayed bymagnesium trisilicate.  It turns into a colloidal form in an aqueous environment and covers the surface of the mucosa in the digestive tract.

The product also contains standardizedblackberry extract, which contains tannins that aid normal digestion and keep the digestive tract in proper working order.

Dosage and method of use

Children 1–2 years 5 ml 1–2x daily (1 teaspoon)
Children over 3 years - 5 ml 2–3x daily(1 teaspoon)
Adults 5 ml 3–5x daily (1 teaspoon)

Prepare the dose by stirring into a glass of water (50-100 ml) and serving at meal time. During an acute state, the first dose may be doubled.

The product is not intended to be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Storage and expiry date

Store in the dry in the original packaging at 5 – 25 °C

Expires by: 18 months

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