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Neocide solution for rinsing wounds

500 ml, solution
Medical device

The sterile rinsing solution cleans acute and chronic external wounds, moistens chronic wounds, preserves and moisturizes bandages and wound dressings, loosens dried on bandages and wound dressings.

The antiseptic component, octenidine, is active against bacteria, encapsulated viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasmas and fungi. The effective concentration to achieve an antiseptic effect within 1 min. is significantly lower than that for other commonly used antiseptic ingredients.

Possibility of full reimbursement for voucher.

  • effectively cleanses and removes biofilm
  • moisturizes and supports healing
  • easy to treat hard-to-reach places
  • also suitable for children, breastfeeding and pregnant women
  • does not burn, irritate or stain
  • suitable for long-term use
  • very good tissue compatibility
  • full reimbursement for voucher




Aqua pro injectione
97.3 %
2.5 %
0.1 %
Octenidine dihydrochloride
0.1 %


sodium hydroxide

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Applying the rinsing solution mechanically removes any secretion, biofilm, necrotic tissue and toxins present on the wound’s surface. This decontaminates the wound, thus reducing the microbial population, which shortens the healing time. Rinsing a wound promotes blood circulation to the wound bed and subsequent granulation and epithelialization.

Innovatively varied uses - the product can be connected with a Luer Lock adapter to a flow reduction needle or connected to a threaded syringe that can be easily filled with the solution. 

You can find an illustrative example the different ways to use Neocide solution for rinsing wounds here.

Manner of use

Rinsing acute wounds. Squeezing the bag forms a stream of rinsing solution, which is directed to the desired location. The stream of fluid washes away any impurities in the wound mechanically until the area to be treated is cleaned.

Treating chronic woulds. The biofilm is removed (so-called debridement) by pressing the container so as to create a stream of rinsing solution, which is directed to the desired location. The stream of fluid washes away any impurities in the wound mechanically until the area to be treated is cleaned. In these cases, patients are often sensitive to temperature, the solution can be warmed to body temperature. Long-term use of the product should be under medical supervision.

When applied to cavities in the wound, it is always necessary to ensure the solution has an outflow by means of drainage or another suitable manner.

Cleaning around the wound. It is important to clean around the wound to minimize the risk of the wound being contaminated from its surroundings. The solution stream is directed so that the area around the wound is thoroughly cleaned. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the solution drains away from the wound area. 

Moisturizing dried on wound dressings. If the wound dressings have dried to the would, it is recommended to moisten the dressing material with a wound rinsing solution so that the dried exudates moisten and loosen so that the dressings can be removed gently and without traumatizing the wound surfaces.

Moistening wounds.This is done by applying the solution once or repeatedly to the desired area. If appropriate, it is possible to infuse the covering material with the solution and thus moisten the desired area.


The product must not be applied:

  • to tissues under pressure or by injection, and
  • to the hyaline cartilage, in the eye, ear, nose, bladder and abdomen.

If applied thus, the tissues treated in this way may be damaged.

Due to the possible interaction of the cationic surfactant octenidine HCl, which is part of the Neocide wound rinsing solution,the product should not be used:

  • in combination with soaps, surfactants or other wound cleaners containing anionic substances
  • in the presence of products containing PVP iodine.

For external use only on skin wounds. Do not use internally.

To avoid unwanted transmission of microbial contamination, care must be taken not to allow the packaging to come into contact with the wound when using the product. If there is contact with the wound and there is a risk of contamination, please dispose of the product as hazardous waste in accordance with applicable regulations.

If there is a known allergy or if it is suspected there is hypersensitivity to one or more of the substances contained, the product must not be used.

Storage and expiry date

Keep out of reach of children. Store in the original package at 5-30 °C. Keep away from sunlight

Expires by: 18 months Do not use the product for more than 8 weeks after first opening.

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