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NeoRhin Plus

30 ml, nose spray
Medical device

Nasal spray with sea water, eucalyptus and star anise essential oil.Brings relief during a runny nose, blocked up nose, cleanses and moisturizes the nasal mucosa. No risk of addiction or reduced efficacy. A balanced combination of active ingredients that does not burn after application. Natural ingredients. 


  • quickly unblocks the nose
  • contains sea salt, which helps to deflate swollen mucosa without no risk of addiction
  • antibacterial and antiviral effects thanks to essential oils
  • a carefully chosen amount of essential oils so that the product does not burn when using it
  • long-term use possible
  • upon consultation with a doctor, it is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women




Eucalyptus essential oil
1.9 mg
Star anise essential oil
0.2 mg
Sea salt
11 mg


hypromelose, disodium edetate, sodium hydroxide


The main active ingredients are a hypertonic solution of sea salt, eucalyptus and star anise essential oil. The most common symptoms of a cold are swollen nasal mucosa or a blocked up nose. The hypertonic solution of sea salt helps reduce swelling in the nasal mucosa - the difference in salt concentrations between the nasal spray and the mucosa means an osmotic gradient is formed. Excess water from the nasal mucosa passes into the more concentrated salt solution in the nasal passage and the patient then blows it out. The mixture of various minerals of marine origin, which has a beneficial effect on the nasal mucosa, also plays a role.

Eucalyptus and star anise essential oilshave a refreshing aroma, thus contributing to the pleasant feeling after using the spray. Eucalyptus essential oil has antiseptic effects. Star anise essential oil with antibacterial and antiviral effects also helps to alleviate a cold and shorten its duration.

Dosage and method of use

Several times a day as needed

Press the spray once or twice to form an even aerosol. The spray can be used for a long time without fear of developing a habit or reducing its efficacy.

Suitable for adults and children over 8. Consult a doctor for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Storage and expiry date

Store at 5-25 ° C, do not expose to sunlight. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in the original packaging.

Expires by: 18 months

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